5 Ways to Protect Your Blog from Negative SEO

SEO is the most important and perfect factor for any blogging success. We can not imagine any online business without SEO. The SEO helps us to reach the goal. Who is perfect in SEO, he/she will be perfect in other sectors. We do a lot of SEO for our blogs. There are a lot of terms related to SEO. We do SEO to get more traffic and better ranking search engines. Some of the bloggers are not careful about SEO. They don’t know that over SEO optimization or negative SEO is really harmful to our blogs. Here I will show you how to protect your blog from negative SEO.

SEO is good if you do it in the right way. But we remember about over SEO optimization. Excessive is always bad we all know. So you need to do SEO moderately.

SEO is not only helpful but also it can create problems on your site. So SEO has negative and positive both sides. There are two types of SEO, White hat, and black hat SEO.

If you do black hat SEO on your site then it is called negative SEO practice. This type of SEO is really harmful. You need to know how to protect your blog from negative SEO. So I share this article who really want to keep safe from all the hazardous activities.

Protect Your Blog From Negative SEO

Check your Backlinks Regularly

You should monitor your backlinks regularly. Otherwise, problems will create. If you find anything goes wrong then you can take immediate steps to solve any type of negative activity.

Monitoring your backlinks is the most important issue to protect your blog from negative SEO. The backlink is the most important element of SEO. So you need to take extra care on backlinks. Because these backlinks can be both your friend or enemy.

If you get backlinks from right sources then everything si OK. If you get it by doing wrong then your site will punish.

There are different services you can check your backlinks  like Google webmaster tools, Ahrefs, open site explorer, majestic SEO, and more.

If you want you will get automatic notifications then use monitorbacklinks.com and cognitiveSEO.com etc.

Check Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is really bad for your blog. If you want to protect your blog from negative SEO then check duplicate content. Because duplicate content is against of SEO. You need to find out duplicate content fro your blog and if you have, remove as soon as possible.

Some bloggers make a mistake that they have duplicate but do not want to remove. I want to say them that you will not get any good results from duplicate content.

Use Google Webmaster Tools

You know how important the google webmaster tools are? It can fix your all major problems. If you want to keep safe you must use google webmaster tools.

You need to turn on google webmaster tools email notifications.

Go webmaster tools >> Preferences >> turn on notifications for all issues.

Don’t Use Too Many Links on a Post

Sometimes we use too many links on a single post. It is really a bad idea. Search engines do not prefer this habit. Sometimes google takes it as a spam.

If you use many on page links in a single post, it decreases your SEO score. You can use links but moderately.

Keep Clean and Spam Free

Make sure your site is free from all types bad things. Make a perfect design. Because design is an SEO factor. Good design increases your SEO score. So you create such a design that not only user-friendly but also search engines friendly. It will help you to protect your blog from negative SEO.

Spamming is also another harmful thing for your blog. Do not spam. Keep safe from all the harmful works that can damage your blog.

You need to know all these issues that protect your blog from negative SEO score. Negative SEO and black hat SEO are related to each other. So know more about these two topics and keep your site safe.

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