How to Get Absolutely Free Payoneer Master card

Are you the one searching for how to get Absolutely Free Payoneer Master card?

You are on the right track, today here at Bloggingdesk, I will be sharing one of the easiest way of getting a free Payoneer Mastercard through which you can make a payment to any online bank and withdrawal to any local bank account without worrying of losing or charging high fees.

Payoneer free debit card is a special gift for the current freelancers and internet marketers who are living in such country where paypal is not accessible. It allows to you to withdraw your money anytime anywhere from any ATM machine.

Even in 2009 I joined the online word, I started thinking of like if received the money? what will be the procedure to get that in cash form. I searched a lot and finally came to know about Payoneer bank transfer system.

In this post I will try to share each and every single benefit of one can get from payoneer Mastercard. Below is the table of content that you will get by creating absolutely free Payoneer MasterCard with $25 bonus.

  • What is Payoneer Mastercard.
  • The history of Payoneer.
  • The benefits of Payoneer Card for You.
  • Step by step guide to get absolutely free Payoneer Mastercard
  • When I will receive my Payoneer ATM card.
  • How to Activate Payoneer debit card
  • Ways to Load Money to payoneer card
  • How to earn money through Payoneer referral System?
  • How to withdraw fund through local Bank?


What is Payoneer Master card?

A kind of unique Payment solution system that provide you to withdraw the cash/ money earned online from any local bank account through the ATM card they provide, or directly send the money to local bank accounts. Apart from, you can also buy online stuff through it especially if you are from such countries where paypal is not working, like Pakistan and Bangladesh etc.

History of Payoneer?

An established New York based brand came into being online in 2005 in collaboration of different brands investors and seed fund provide like Then-CEO Yuval Tal, Israeli venture capitalist firm Greylock, and Choice Bank of America.

Source WikiPedia

Benefits one can get by Using Payoneer Mastercard.

  • You don’t need of having any bank account for withdrawing. You can withdraw the cash from any ATM having Mastercard Service.
  • According to Payoneer you can get the money from any platform within 2 hours. But mostly you will find the cash in your account in 30 minutes.
  • You can receive payment from larger platform like Odesk, Fiverr, etc without any problem. Specially bloggers can get the benefits of this card by getting payment from shareasale and clickbank type platforms.
  • You can also use your card on different shops transaction as I did when I was in U.S and there was no such way to get my Pakistani bank payment. Payoneer helped me a lot there.
  • You can also get a free Virtual U.S bank account by applying to Payoneer Bank account.
  • And one of the unique service that Payoneer debit card is offering is the commission when someone join it by the special link they provide you. You will get $25 commission when someone get paid up to $100. People are generating thousands of dollars through Payoneer referral program.

Step by Step Guide to Get Free Payoneer Debit card!

The creation of Payoneer prepaid card is too easy as like creating a new email or facebook ID. Create your account through the link given below. Once you receive a cash of $100, you will get $25 as a reward from Payoneer side.

Free Payoneer Master card

Signup and Get $25

After clicking on above link, you will be redirected to the page give below!

Free Payoneer Master cardFree Payoneer Master card

2) Now click on the button Signup and Earn $25.

Apply to payoneer as a bank or prepaid master card

Apply to payoneer as a bank or prepaid master card3) you will be redirected to the picture shown above. Selected your desired method of withdrawal option.  (both are free and secure)

Here I would like to share 1 more things with you. With 2nd optFree Payoneer Master cardoption you can add any time your bank, but the 1st method will give you more surety of getting your Card on time due to the bank account you add there.

Click on Signup Button.

payoneer step by step signup

Here a new screen will come with information required like Your 1st name, 2nd Name, Email address and Date of Birth.

Click Next.

Here Payoneer will ask for your Country and Adress, as well as City, postal code (Google your city and zip code like, Peshawar Zip code) and Mobile number.

Click Next!

At this stage payoneer debit care demand for Securty details that are required any time, either you are changing your password, pin or other details. So try to remember or take a screenshot of the page and save it with yourself.

And almost done step. It will ask for the identification where 3 option will be given the passport, Driver license, and national ID card. Submit the details you have at that time, agree the 3 dots mentioned in the pic and click finish.

Finally, you will get a confirmation email with review in progress bar. It means the details you submitted are under review. And the team will respond you once they completed their process.

When I will receive your Payoneer card?

A question of every newbies mind when first they sign up for the payoneer card.

There are 2 ways to receive your payoneer mastercard. The 1st one is free shipping while the 2nd one is paid through DHL with charges of $50.

Mostly Payoneer deliver their card within 7-12 days of applying, The free shipment do not have any tracking system with exact delivery time. However, applying through DHL method insure of getting your card within 10 days.

Below is one of the question I took for your from Payoneer community.

Can I track my Payoneer prepaid card?

How to activate the card after receiving?

The activation process after receiving your payoneer master card is not an impossible task. You can activation your card by simply:

  • Visit
  • Input your User name (email) and password. Reset password in case of you do not remember.
  • Once your login to your account, you will see a message of Activate card right below date.

Follow screenshot

Now on this stage payoneer will demand for the 16 digits mentioned on card. Just put your card out of pocket note the 16 digits and past in the box appear on screen. After that it will ask you to put the 4-digit pin number for withdrawal purpose.

Click on Activate button.

A message will appear “Your request was successfully performed”

Congratulation! Finally you got completely active Payoneer card.

Ways to Load Money to payoneer card.

There are several methods to add fund to your Payoneer card. But the two trusted methods through which you can upload fund to your card is Bank transfer, U.S Payment Service and Payoneer supported international brands.

Payoneer supported International companies for fund transferring:

Freelancers can get load money to their card through Fiverr, freelance, Upwork, and 99design.

Bloggers can get and load their cards from the money they earn through affiliate on big brands like ShareaSale, Clickbank, Buysellads. Revenuehits, konetra, & infolinks Etc.


Global Payment Service.

Payoneer has renamed there U.S payment Solution to Global Payment service.  Through This service you can receive payment from any company across the world by providing information given in your payoneer account. Snap attached below!

This service enables you to receive payments from companies worldwide – as if you have a local bank account in those countries.
For more information Click HERE

How to earn money through Payoneer referral System?

With step by step guide to get Absoultely Free Payoneer Mastercard Guide. Now it’s time to show you how can one earn money through Payoneer Referral System.

Its one of the best loyality program for those who have followers or those who want to refer his/her friend toward payoneer.

All you need to do is to visit and login Payoneer account. Once you login, you will see a box on the right side with text showing refer a Friend.

Click on that.a new window will be open showing your referral state as well as referral link, just copy that and ambed, share on social media or email to one who want to join.

Once he signup and receive $100 in his/her account. You will receive $100 as a reward.


How to withdraw fund through local Bank?

You can any time withdraw the money you own in Payoneer account through ATM directly or bank account within 2-3 days.

First of all you need you submit your bank account details for verification purpose and linking.

Login into your Payoneer account.

Click on Withdraw to bank account.

Payoneer will show you a new Window with procedure how one can add his/her bank account.

Simply Click on Add New.

At this stage Payoneer will ask for Security confirmation. Simply add your Payoneer card number, CVV (3 digits available on the back side of your card| see Right side digits) date of birth, and Payoneer Account Password.


Next page will be open asking for some more details like Bank details, BN (branch name) Account Name Mentioned on your bank card, Account number and Some other info related to Bank.

Agree the term and condition and click on Finish button.

All done, Payoneer will contact your bank by sending all the details for verification.



So as I told in the start of this post that This post will be a Complete guide on How to Get Absolutely Free Payoneer MasterCard. I’ve done that all. But still in case of you need any help related to Payoneer. Just drop your Query in below comment box or click on Contact us and Email.

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